The greatest in golf history

Over the past century, golf has become one of the largest and most widespread sports in the world. Golfers became famous all over the world, playing golf also brought them wealth, because the prize pools are quite large. This sport has hundreds of fans around the world, as well as those who love to bet on this sport. But it was these players who made golf famous.

Jack Nicklaus

The absolute legend of this sport. When he was in his prime betting on this sport was extremely popular. Being the best means winning main championships. Then Niklas is the greatest player of all time, and it is not even discussed. Along with his record 18 big wins, Niklas has finished second in the Majors 19 times and third nine times. He ended his career by entering the TOP 10 in 73 out of 164 majors in which he participated. In addition, Niklas is a 73-time PGA Tour winner (third all-time).
He remains the oldest Masters champion when, in 1986, he shed his record sixth green jacket at the age of 46. He became the first player to hit career doubles and triples in four professional major championships. There has never been a more popular golf champion than Niklas, in terms of betting. During his career betting on this sport skyrocketed to unimaginable heights.



Tiger Woods

Back in the 2000s, it looked like Woods had surpassed Jack Nicklas in the main tally, not only formally, but practically, wondering how much more he would collect by completing the Golden Bear. But after an 11-year drought in the championship, Tiger Woods has one of the greatest victories in all sports and won the 2019 Masters to continue to write his name in history.
Woods changed the game, brought it to the general public, and is undoubtedly the main reason why golfers look more like “athletes” today than ever before. He was the one who created a name for this sport among both viewers and those who bet on it. His cariere gave another spike of popularity for betting on this sport. He is one of five golfers to win the Modern Grand Slam (three times), and the only player in the modern era to win four (modern) tournaments in a row – the Tiger Slam.



Bobby Jones

Before the era of major modern championships, the four most important majors consisted of the U.S. Amateur, U.S. Open, Open and British Amateur. During the seven-year period between 1923-1930, there was no greater golf champion than Bobby Jones of Atlanta, who also co-founded the Masters.
As an amateur, Jones often beat the top professional golfers of the era, Walter Hagen and Gene Sarazen. In 1930, Jones won all four Majors, effectively creating the so-called Grand Slam. He retired from competitions at the age of 28. In total, Jones has played in 31 Majors, winning 13 of them and finishing in the top 10 finalists 27 times.



Why should you know these names?

These athletes created a new public image of this sport for a wide audience and attracted more fans into golf. Thanks to them betting on golf
became more popular and affordable. Before them it was almost impossible to bet on golf.