The record is updated

The previous oldest champion title belonged to Scott Hoch, who became winner at the age of 63, when he played with Tom Pernice Jr. to win in the 2019. The German hero has both hands up after the 42nd round win for 50 and up category and for the first time since March 2000.
“It is a very valuable win for me,” Langer said. “I worked hard for this and I’ve had some extremely dangerous situations , which was sometimes frustrating and disappointing. So when it happens and you win, it’s exciting.”

This competing year did not start well for him. He was in the final group 6 times this year, but had zero victories. From the time Bernhard turned 60, Langer has won 9 titles, not mentioning his 2 titles with the Masters championship. Barron also ended with birdie in 68.
β€œHe’s just unprecedented. He’s immensely gifted and one of my idols and good pal,’” Doug said about Bernhard. β€œI’m happy to call him a dear friend. If I’m going to get beat, I don’t mind getting beat by him.’”

In addition to two wins at the Masters, Langer has 6 hits in the top three at the British Open (1982, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1993, 2001). Langer was the most unsuccessful of all in the PGA championship – in his career he never even got into the top ten. Langer’s last major success came in 2005 at the British Open, where he tied for fifth place.