What to watch and how to bet on golf

The four big golf tournaments garner most of the viewership and betting volume. The mood of the contestants in these competitions is simply outrageous, so here it is better to bet on favorites. It should be borne in mind that bookmakers thoroughly study the contestants and their chances of conquering these competitions.

“Grand Slam”, golf edition.

The development of golf and its popularity has grown rapidly since the founding of the British Professional Golfers Association (1901). In America, similar associations and societies began to appear 15 years later. The evolution and spreading of the game began even later, in the 1920s and 1930s. The prize fund of such competition was initially insignificant, but it increased from year to year.
There are still 4 of the world’s strongest golf tournaments, the so-called Grand Slams. It includes: Master Tournament, US Open, The Open Championship and PGA.
The United States Open, The Open Championship, PGA championships are for pro and dilettante players. Almost any athlete can be lucky, so you shouldn’t try to get to a game in which famous golfers are announced (this is both difficult and expensive), the easiest way is to choose one of the Major tournaments, where the best of the best participate. Throughout the history of the existence of the four competitions, no one has managed to win all of them in one year and receive the “Grand Slam”.
“Grand Slam” exists also for girls. Women’s Grand Slam consists of five tournaments: LPGA ─ Kraft Nabisco Championship, LPGA Championship, U.S. Women’s Open, Ladies European Tour andLPGA.

How to watch a golf tournament?

The Majors have been running for four days. They sell season tickets for all days or for one. Novice viewers, as a rule, come to watch the finals when half of the players have already been eliminated and those who have shown the best result are left. Tickets are sold at the entrance and there you will be given a map of the golf course, which will not allow you to get lost (however, you can download it in advance on the Internet).
The diagram allows you to understand how the holes are located in order to choose the best place to watch the game. The ideal option for a beginner is to attend the game accompanied by an avid golfer who will comment on and sort out everything that happens on the course.

Why should you bet on golf?

Every year the popularity of golf in the world is growing rapidly, as are fees of pro players. The number of those wishing to join the fight for trophies in tournaments is increasing every year. Golf has perfect conditions for betting on it. You should not miss this chance to bet and win money from this sport. Bet wisely and do not be afraid to risk.