Where did golf come from and why do people bet on it?

You probably will never believe it but golf is an ancient game. Indeed so ancient that there are no historical records when, where or who invented this game. Anyway, this sport is still enormously popular with both spectators and those who like to bet on it.

Where did game and betting come from?

There are several conflicting theories in which country this sport originated. Surprisingly, no one knows the exact date of the origins of this game. A lot of controversy and dilemmas have arisen in this regard. It is assumed that this sport has its roots in Scotland, history of golf, where during the Middle Ages, shepherds found themselves a kind of entertainment: to drive stones with staffs into the holes of rabbits. However, the fact that golf originated in Scotland is often refuted.
Instead of this hypothesis, a different theory is put forward: it had appeared in Rome, where a ball stuffed with feathers was used in the game, as well as bent sticks. Although this method of playing was difficult and impractical, it took place in order to become recognized. It has also been theorized that this game originated in China during the Ming dynasty.

When was the modern version of golf established?

Whatever one may say, the modern game of golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century. Along with this, golf clubs emerged where players could hone their skills. Someone played for fun, for someone it meant much more than just fun. One way or another, this game opened up a new direction in the sport, forcing many people to surrender to their favorite business.
When this game appeared in Scotland, residents were often so addicted to the game that they forgot about their duties, completely devoting themselves to it. These classes were not in vain, for soon tournaments between Scottish cities began to be held, where the masters gave all their strength to win.
At the end of the 19th century, international popularity came to this game, the passion for the game spread first to England and then around the world. At the same time golf gambling appeared. Firstly, it was just a hobby for locals, but it has outgrown into serious business with big money in it.

How to start betting on golf?

First of all, you need to know that all tournaments are divided into two categories ─ amateur and professional. Amateur ones are more like social events with an entertainment program, where people come, among other things, for communication. However, to learn how to analyse for profitable betting, you need to watch how professionals score in serious international competitions. You also need to closely study the weak and strong sides of every top player to make more precise bets on winners and earn money from that. Don’t forget that a player’s shape is not the only thing that affects the outcome of the tournament and consider it when betting.